Welcome to Fuku-fuku Megane Kan

Providing eyeware for better "eye life"
with made-in-Sabae quality

We are an eyeglasses store specializing in made-in-Sabae frames and Japanese lenses. All the frames and ready-to-wear reading glasses in our store are made in Sabae except some sunglasses.


It was our longtime idea to open a made-in-Sabae glasses store in the nearby area of Fukui Station. Our store is located in the 2nd floor of "Happiring," the new shopping complex just in front of Fukui Station. As part of the local food and products center of Fukui City, we are committed to transmit attractive information on the glasses industry of Sabae along with serving the needs of customers seeking for comfortable and well-designed eyeglasses with reliable quality.


The name "Fuku-fuku" implies expectation for happiness and luck. It would be a pleasure if there is any way we can of help in lighting up the lives of as many people as possible through our knowledge and products. Please feel free to stop by at Fukufuku Megane Kan whenever you have a chance to visit Fukui!


Made-in-Sabae frames
We have a wide range of collection in terms of brand, design, function, and material which would suit the needs of men and women in a wide age range. There are two categories of frames in terms of material: easy-to-fit metal frames with high elasticity and rigidity, and high-fashion plastic frames. We make advice on frame choosing from the both aspects of comfort and style.


Brand example

AUTHOR, duraluxx, Masaki Matsushima, SPECIALEYES, Emma, Ensemble, ESPLENDOR, FUxPAS, GOSH, GRECO, LD Como, ISPIC, NOVA HAND MADE ITEM, Nextens, Sharaku, Shun Kiwami, Who's next, Gen, Haruo Meihin, Niwa Masahiko


Uskal frames for high degree myopia

Uskal, pronounced "usu karu," is the trademark of special frames designed for excessive or high myopia. Compared to other frames, glasses using Uskal frames have thin and light-weight lenses. Uskal frames can be purchased only at stores of Uskal members. Uskal frames are also suitable for excessive hyperopia (far-sightedness), presbyopia (aged eyes), and moderate myopia.

  => Link to the official website of Uskal frames (Japanese only)


Ready-to-wear reading glasses / sunglasses

All the reading glasses in our store use made-in-Sabae frames and Japanese lenses. Like prescription glasses, you can order custom-made sunglasses using your favorite frame.


Related products

We also have a collection of accessories and fancy goods of practical use using eyeglasses materials represented by acetate and titan. Some of the craftswork are collaboration of artisans of glasses and other traditional industries in Sabae such as Japanese paper, fabric, and lacquer wear.



Price system

In our store, price tags on frames show frame-only prices. We do not have "set prices" as many others do these days. Since we beleive in the value of made-in-Sabae frames, we would like customers to choose the best frame from our collection comparing quality and prices themselves.


We also use made-in-Japan lenses only. We offer single-focus and progressive thin lenses with anti-fouling and UV cut coating at affordable prices. Options such as coloring, anti-fog, and blue-cut coating, are available with additional cost.



For customers who do not have a prescription, vision acuity test is for free. No need for an appointment, but please allow 30 to 40 minutes following selection of a frame. It usually takes 3 to 7 days for processing prescription glasses. For the convenience of customers from remote areas, shipping service is available.


There is no English-speaking clerk on Monday and Thursday. Please visit between 11:00am and 5:00pm during the rest of the week for assistance in English.



If possible, please bring your current glasses if your have any. In case you use contact lenses, it also helps us to know your power or sphere for prescribing your glasses.

Store information

Opened in the 2nd floor of "Happiring" on Nov. 26, 2016!

1-2-1 Chuo, Happiring 2nd floor

Fukui City, Fukui 910-0006


 Phone: (0776) 27-6206

 E-mail: fukufuku-megane*galaxy.ocn.ne.jp

 (Please change the astarisk to @ before sending.)

Open 10:00 to 19:00 daily


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